Native pro tamper

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There used to be this guy who was known for tampers. In the specialty coffee industry, there was no one of his ilk. You could spot his tamper from across the bar and know the person using it was a pro. Like when you see someone on a mountain bike and spot a Chris King headset, you know that they know. But that guy retired and this guy slipped in the back door with the new Native pro tamper. 

These are hand-crafted by master of wood, Paul McEntire right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tamper base is 304 stainless with a solid maple handle. This is a shape Paul and I came up with called The Pestle. It has a nice, nearly-flat top that gives you a good platform for the tamp, while its taper brings your fingers down to a rest on the base to ensure a level puck. And trust me, Paul finishes his wood down to a silky-smooth sheen.

The Native pro tamper fits the Superkop portafilter basket and makes a handsome addition to the wood base of your new Superkop. A craft tamper for pros, like you.