The Coffee Purist

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The Coffee Gospel according to Brian, and I'm no saint. I'll take you on a coffee journey, from behind the bar to exploring the coffee belt, to Dos Manzanas, our own coffee farm in Nicaragua. The Coffee Purist will teach you about business, community, standing up for what you believe, and most importantly, the truth behind the bean. This isn't a coloring book. Or paint by number. It's a story with purpose and you're going to be required to think, to color outside the lines, and look deep inside yourself. Get ready to unleash your inner Purist.

You could buy the standard book. OR, you could invest in the Collector's Edition. There are books, and then there are books you'd regret not buying. I'd suggest this is the latter. First of all, this is going to be a labor of love, printed on hand-selected papers and bound by a craft bookbinder, chock-full of content that the standard hardcover won't have. Don't get me wrong, the standard book is going to be amazing. But this one will have extras galore, with actual images of hand-scribed journal pages I composed in the raw moments of DoubleShot strife; with random stencils and posters and artwork that I never bothered to explain, which were created in the spirit of Shepard Fairey's manifesto (and received with much misunderstanding and misinterpretation). This edition will lure you into my world and let you pretend everything is OK. A limited run, hand-numbered and signed. Hell, maybe I'll even hand-deliver it.